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Free Melodis Cream Bundle

Free Melodis Cream Bundle

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  • Brightens up the Skin & balances Skin tone
  • Improves skin texture.
    Helps to treat hyperpigmentation, dark spots and acne scars
  • Reduces signs of aging, eliminates fine lines, & wrinkles.
  • Helps to increase skin hydration and smoothness
  • Protects skin from sun damage


  • Alpha Arbutin: It is a natural compound extracted from plant that helps to inhibit the over production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that determines skin color. It gives dark color to skin when excess in quantity.
    Hence it helps to lighten the skin color and reduces the appearance of dark spots.
  • Kojic Acid: A natural ingredient extracted from Plant that inhibits formation of pigment. It is an effective skin lightening agent. It also has antibacterial & Anti-fungal properties.
  • Glutathione: A Powerful antioxidant that is derived from Plants. It helps to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, Peroxides, & heavy Metals. Glutathione also eliminates pollutants from our body.
    Glutathione reduces oxidative stress in the body to improve your overall complexion of the skin. With glutathione treatments, you can see overall lighter, brighter skin tone. Even skin tone with reduced dark spots.
  • Niacinamide: A form of Vitamin B3 that helps to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. It also helps to reduce inflammation associated with Acne and to improve skin texture.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: A natural substance that helps to hydrate and plump the skin.
  • Vitamin C & E: Powerful antioxidants that help to brighten the skin and protect it from damage caused by the sun and other environmental factors.

How to use

1. Melodis Facewash: First wash your face with Melodis face wash for 30-40 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Use twice daily, morning and evening & when required. 

2. Melodis Serum: Apply a few drops of serum to your face and neck, at day time, avoiding the eye area.

3. Melodis Cream: Apply a thin layer of cream to your face and neck at night time.

Apply it evenly on the face and massage thoroughly until it is completely absorbed. 

Use these products daily as advised, for best results.

Use of Skinlay sunscreen during the day time to protect your skin from sun damage is recommended. 


Q1: Can it be used for men?

ANS: Yes Melodis Bundle is equally good for all skin types, & effective for men & women.

Q2: Can I use Melodis Cream in the morning?

ANS: Melodis Cream can be used at any time, but it is recommended to use at night time for better outcomes.

Q3: I have marriage next week, I want to have bright & glowing skin, can I start using Medolis bundle today?

ANS: Melodis Bundle is manufactured with Natural Ingredients & without any harmful ingredients like Mercury, & Bleaching chemicals, so it is highly safe to use by anyone. We recommend to use our products for at least 1-2 months for required results of Skin brightening. Naturally skin regenerates in 1-2 months. The Natural process of Skin brightening effect is achieved by inhibition of Melanin, which determines skin colour. So our Melodis bundle acts by speedily inhibiting Melanin & helps to achieve skin brightening effect. There is no instant shortcut of this process to achieve results overnight. Whereas some products in the market claim skin whitening results overnight which is false claim. To support their claim they use lethal chemicals like Mercury & Bleaching, which are dangerous for skin & can lead to life threatening situations. So take care of your skin & use Melodis bundle which is safe to use.

Q4: In our area we have temperature of more than 40 C these days, Can I place Melodis cream openly in the room.

ANS: Need to keep Melodis cream at or below 25 C.

Q5: I have hyperpigmentation on one side of face, should I use Melodis Cream on that one side only?

ANS: No, you should use Melodis Cream evenly on the entire face & neck for a balanced skin brightening effect.

Q6: Can it be used on my Child birth marks?

ANS: No, plz keep these products out of reach of children.

What's Included?

  • Melodis Facewash
  • 2 Melodis Creams(One Melodis Cream 100% Free)
  • Melodis Serum
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  • 100% Natural Ingredients

    Naturally nourish and enhance your skin with our thoughtfully crafted products, free from harsh chemicals and additives. Experience the transformative power of nature for healthier, radiant skin.

No Nasties
100% Free of silicones, parabens, sulfates, and palm oil
Sensitive Skin
No itchiness, redness or dry skin from our products
Not produced from a furry best friend or an animal byproduct.


NoviCares Competitors
✅ Carefully selected, natural ingredients ❌ Lower-quality or synthetic ingredients
✅ Gentle, non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin ❌ May contain alcohol, causing dryness and irritation
✅ Strictly adheres to cruelty-free practices ❌ May test products on animals
✅ Endorsed by dermatologists ❌ No professional endorsement
✅ Sustainable packaging materials ❌ May use non-eco-friendly materials
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